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This article introduces the educational module solutions to the most recent personal and professional problem solving in the world online, describing competitive offers, customer profile, problem-oriented solutions, target markets, product offerings and convenience features. The conclusion is that the module is an important contribution to the information highway.


The purpose of this article is to present the world. Training module solutions to the most recent personal and professional problem solving in the world online in this article is for those readers who are swamping educational problems, and who are therefore able to set up a way out of the predicament to look. The reader can be a parent, a child or a student.

It is a common fact of life that we have all the problems and what we are. Often frustrated or we tend to lash out because of our inability to find an affordable and reliable information about our problems specialist site meets these requirements - as our pragmatic friend for solving our problems in education.

In order to have the greatest benefit for the people to unite your site troubleshooting pragmatic discussions about their personal or professional problems with the trading of products, for further information. Typically, a site of free information in the form of news, articles and tips to visitors that offers to bring the solution to their problems. In addition, the site also commercial products that are discussed in detail how to go to the visitors about solving their problems. This means that the most effective, visitor-oriented problem-solving on the spot to be information-packed commercial site - and so the latest personal and professional solution to the problems in the world and SITES specialist.

The approach that we have adopted, below competitive offerings, client profile, describe the problem-oriented solutions, target markets, product offerings and convenience features.

Competitive offer

Below are the top educational websites on the Internet, along with their suggestions.

U.S. Department of Education. It determines the policies of education in the U.S., and provides information about financial aid, educational research and statistics, grants and contracts, and teaching and learning resources.

Organization of Educational Testing Service. It provides a set of test resources. It offers educational games for K-8 children. It offers a fun learning tools and games for children.

GEM. It provides educational resources such as lesson plans and other teaching materials.

Education in the world. He advises lesson plans, professional development and technology integration.

NASA Education Enterprise. It provides education and information about space.

Spartacus education. This is a British online encyclopedia that focuses on historical themes.

Department of Education and Training. This agency is the UK government website that provides information and advice on various educational and skills topic sentence.

Time education supplement. He offers training news, training and educational resources, and active forums to help UK teachers.
All these sites are useful in areas that they cover. Their main disadvantages are:

A. They tend to cover only a very narrow segment of the education market.
The second you do not have to take as a starting point daily educational needs of a typical family.
It lacks a third of the focus problem, which is formulated not represent the typical learning and educational problems that pupils, students and parents on a daily basis.
The fourth in a previous paragraph, solutions are offered. Not as sharp (that is, the problem is concentrated), as it could be
They offer five merchant products that deepen visitor understanding of their problems and the resulting decisions.

Educational module solutions to the most recent personal and professional problem solving in the world of website addresses these issues by providing a variety of market segments, the adoption of a customer profile, which corresponds to the typical educational pursuit of the family, taking into account the specific needs and problems of counter that the family could offer brief (problem-centered) solutions to the various problems and offers a number of merchant ships products that deepen the visitor satisfaction with their own problems and solutions that apply to them.

Customer profile

Customer profile or target visitor characteristics of the educational module solutions as well as for all websites in the world of professional past personal and professional problem solving site. This site has been designed to meet the needs of visitors, swamping learning objectives to make them justice. It is designed for men and women, although it is often convenient to only one sex, if you record a point.

These visitors use search engines to find information about their personal or professional problems, with the intention to find a solution to it. The visitor is serious about solving their problems, and therefore, the final product that they find on their mission, if they can secure and honest information about related products, so that they can make an informed decision on what to buy photos to achieve can buy. This information will help her apply their finance cost and, therefore, to spend money.

Most users want a money back guarantee, so if the product does not meet expectations, or if they were misled into buying a product that they can get a refund. Such a guarantee of preventing them from buying risk.

Visitor smart (not necessarily a genius), is formed. (Optional PhD), computer skills (not necessarily a computer guru) and money-minded (not necessarily a freebie hunters or unemployed) This of course does not mean that freebie hunters or unemployed can not win anything from the site. On the contrary, there is plenty of free information on the site. Only that it is difficult to understand how to win someone to take full advantage of the site without buying the product.

Most users want quality products information on the payment (usually in digital form) and want (without having to pay as much attention to the price, it can affect the quality), the best bet for them. Visitors will also bonus offers that are attached to the goods purchased.

The visitor is independent and can not digest on their own by reading and applying the advice about her problem until she solves it, or find that they help reduce the professional help at this time of their acquired knowledge, their advice Payment must be made. As a result, visitors will be able to assess the findings advisor to avoid incompetent or fraudulent them.

The problem-oriented solutions

Our free solutions are organized in a pragmatic articles written by leading experts. Each article covers specific common problems, but did not go into details. This explains the problem and tells visitors what they need to do to solve their problems. However, this does not mean that the visitors, as they have to solve it - it's too much for one article. To learn about how a visitor must buy a product (usually an e-book or e-book set), which is a great depth.

Set of educational products, we chose the first solution is to give the visitor the problem as follows:

Signs of a gifted child - tells parents how to recognize if their children are gifted.

The main lessons of education to enrich your child's education - to teach parents how to improve the education of their children.

With positive affirmations to be the best student - teaching students how to use positive affirmations to improve their performance.

They are only afraid of writing - teaching skills for students

As parents encourage their children to read? - Shows parents how their children can improve reading skills.

Test Preparation Tutoring - The question of training students for tests or exams.

Test Strategy - Different strategies for taking and passing the tests or exams

Play and win a scholarship game - Describes how to win scholarships.

As a scholarship at the University of British Get - Describes how to win a scholarship to a British university.

Saving money for college - instructs students how to save money in preparation for college.

Student Loans: when your educational dreams can not compete with the price - Explain to students the benefits of a student loan.

Education loans can finance a higher level to improve your career - even the students explained the benefits of student loan.

The secret U.S. Department of Education Loans - teaches students how to finance the DOE loans for their higher education systems.

Student Loan Consolidation - save money by paying less cost, more - explains graduates, such as the use of a consolidation loan to reduce the repayment of student loans.

Higher Education: Finding the Right College for You - explains to students how to find the right college or university for training.

Distance learning - alternative worth considering - explains the concept of mobile learning and its place in the education system.

Online Degrees - Online Education Right for You? - The analysis comparing the benefits of online learning in traditional education.

Online College Education Overview - Reviews the whole concept of online learning.

Finding the right offer for paper or speech online - Shows writers and speakers, such as the right to offer their writings or speeches are using.

Collaboration: It is important to the development of leadership skills - explores the useful concept of collaboration and its role in the development of leadership qualities.

At the end of each article is a list of merchant vessels of products in addition to the content of the article. Reference is also included for accessing educational product catalog.

Target markets and product offerings;

Now let's get to the target market and related product offerings. We position the segments to the different requirements of the visitor address for a time and at a certain time, the customer can belong to one or more segments. There are three main classes of products offered: ClickBank products of Google and eBay products products. Google and eBay products are available on every page. Clickbank products are divided into product categories that match grouped target markets. These categories and their markets are following.

Children and parents. It consists of visitors who want training solutions for their children and their education. Their needs are met by parents and children section of the catalog of educational community.

Reception is difficult. It consists of visitors who want to learn how to get a pass to the best universities. Their needs are met through the difficult part of the educational community directory reception.

Esoteric needs. It consists of visitors with unusual requirements. Their needs are met the needs of the Esoteric catalog educational community.

Financial assistance. It consists of visitors looking for scholarships, grants or loans. Their needs are met through the financial aid section of the catalog of educational community.

Leadership skills. It consists of users, to develop leadership skills. Their needs are met by the leadership skills of the educational community directory.

Education. It consists of visitors who want to improve their ability to learn. Their needs are met through training of the educational community directory.

Mental speed. It consists of visitors who want to blow their mental speed. Their needs are met by the mental speed to the educational community directory.

Positive affirmations. It consists of the visitors to turn their negative judgments in a positive mindset in order to improve their performance. Your needs will be satisfied in the positive part of the statement of educational directory community.

Knowledge. It consists of visitors to improve their public speaking skills. Your needs will be satisfied by saying part of the educational community directory.

Tests and exams. It consists of the visitors learn the technique of examination. Your needs will be through tests and trials carried out to the educational community directory.

Write. It consists of visitors to improve their writing skills. Their needs are met the written part of the educational community directory.

Usability Considerations

Usability has been improved to make it easy for visitors to find a solution to your problem, follow these steps:

A. The first thing the visitor sees is a series of articles whose titles are specific problems to solve them. Elements extracted from the Education Task menu navigation bar on the left or from the formation Troubleshooting page. If you are scanning this article, the visitor can see if your problem is covered. If not, the visitor can view the catalog of educational products through catalogs of products of the same navigation bar menu to see if the product that provides, on request. If they do not find anything, they know what their problem is solved. You can continue Similar pages of sites that can be accessed from the left navigation bar.

If the visitor will find a second article that solves their problems, then they can begin to explore that at the end of the article he is in question is intended to discuss the problem further. You can also click the educational product catalog through the page of the article.


This paper introduced an educational module solutions to the most recent personal and professional problem solving in the world online. The article was competing offers, which investigates the target customer profile, problem-oriented solutions, target markets, product offerings and convenience considerations. The conclusion is that the module is an important contribution to the information highway.

AA Agbormbai is the editor and webmaster of personal and professional problems - a site that fills a vacuum in the Internet. He has a PhD from Imperial College London and he has interdisciplinary education. Worked or studied in the aviation and space technology, information systems and management education module solutions is one of the many specialized sites for personal and professional problems.


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